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1. Setup Application

1.1 Download Application and Installation

We recommend android version 5.0 & above for i Reach Retail POS operation. iReach Retail POS can be downloaded from Google Play Store of any android device. Type “iReach Retail POS” into search bar, select the circled APP shown in Figure – 1.0, to complete installation.

2. Launching iREACH Retail POS

2.1 Connect to Server

Firstly, connection to the cloud server is required. Define your device name e.g. M001, M002 etc. Once defining is done, type in the token and IP address which is provided by Reach POS for your company. (Figure – 2.0)

2.2 Registration to iREACH Retail POS

Before using iREACH Retail POS actual, You need to register your device information (Figure – 2.1). Follow the steps in order. 1. Choose the outlet name 2. Set the Bill No. (Invoice No.) 3. Set Refund No. (Refund Invoice No.) 4. If you have more than one cashier terminal in this outlet, you need to switch on “Terminal” for the system to perform the shift closing process at this terminal. 5. Once these steps are completed, click the “Submit” button to proceed with registration.

Please take note that the Bill No and Refund No must be distinctive numbers for each different device. If these numbers are already in use for other devices, the app will prompt with a warning message (Figure – 2.2)

2.3 Allowing access to hardware

  • The app will prompt for permission to access hardware such as scanner, camera, USB. Therefore, you need to allow it to continue registration (Figure - 2.3).

3. POS Operation

3.1 Login

All above registration and setting stages will only prompt once the first time when running the app. Thereafter, when you run iReach POS app, the login screen will be the first prompt (Figure – 3.1). Enter the password assigned by your administrator. Should you add the employee clock in/out function for this outlet at the backend, this is where you clock in & out.

3.2 Shift Opening

  • For the opening of a new shift, the counter POS terminal needs to “open shift” by declaring the amount of float for that particular shift slot (Figure – 3.1).

Should the side POS terminals runs the app before the official opening of shift with the Counter POS terminal, app will pop up alert message saying to open shift first. (Figure – 3.2)

3.3 Front End Cashier Interface

  • You can add or scan items whenever there is a sale (Figure -3.3)

4. iReach Retail Backend

4.1 How to add category to front end POS

Before the creation of a product, you will need to create categories to organize the items. Click “category”, and you will be prompted with the screen as shown in Figure -4.1

When you add or edit category, you need to select outlet and type category name. Should this be a subcategory, you need to link up with the main category by checking the “Is Subcategory” box (Figure – 4.2).

4.2 Add Product

  • At the product setup, you need to select an outlet. You must fill all the data indicated with “*” Additionally, you have to fill up the data in the “Tag” section with details such as “Food” or “Beverage” so that this product can integrate with the accounting system (Figure – 4.3).

At the price setup, you can set the price of the product for all outlets or individually price them for each outlet (Figure – 4.4).

Figure – 4.6: Price setup for outlet

4.3 Product List

  • On the product list, you can delete, edit and copy products. Should you need to create a new item in the same way as an existing product, you can use the “copy” button function to replicate the product next the app will show you the existing product’s information. In there, you need to add a new code Id and amend the required information for a new product (Figure – 4.7). You can also see the product summary by using the “summary” button (Figure – 4.8).

5. Add Employee

You can add a new employee at “Add Employee” (Figure – 5.0) and you can also do other tasks about employee under “Employee Performance”.